Former Castro Official alleges in New Documentary Cuban Leader had Taken Secret Cuban Sex Pill for Decades; alleges Cuban Dictator Slept with More Tha

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 31, 2008 — On his popular website, NY Times best selling author and award winning journalist Ian Halperin interviewed a top Cuban official who said former President of Cuba Fidel Castro boasted about having slept with more than 35,000 women over a four decade period. Now, the close Castro aide alleges the Cuban dictator had a Cuban doctor invent a sex pill for him more than thirty years ago that is more effective and works twice as fast as Viagra.

"Fidel needed a drug to facilitate his huge sexual appetite," revealed Ramon Lopez, a long time Castro aide. "So, he asked a Cuban scientist to invent for him the world's best sex pill. And it worked. The pill allowed him to keep an erection for twelve hours straight."

Lopez told Halperin Castro should now release the secret sex pill to the masses to help fuel the struggling Cuban economy. "I don't know why he does not put it on the market," Lopez said. "It would make billions. It lasts much longer than Viagra, has less side effects and takes only 10 minutes to kick in." (Viagra takes 30).

Halperin travelled to Cuba last year, interviewing hundreds of Castro's close confidentes and friends.

Halperin, a renowned award winning filmmaker, is directing a tell all documentary about the Cuban leader called "Cubano Castro." It will be released for major distribution in 2010. His current film about how he posed undercover as a gay actor infiltrating the world of Hollywood and The Church of Scientology recently made world headlines. For more visit

About Ian Halperin:

Ian Halperin is a NY Times bestselling author/award winning filmmaker. He is the author of seven bestselling books and director of three critically acclaimed films. Halperin has appeared on hundreds of tv and radio shows including Dateline, CBS Early Morning Show, VH1, Geraldo Rivera (Fox) and Anderson Cooper (CNN).

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