What Is Home Emergency Cover?

Home emergency cover is actually usually offered as an extra to anyone who takes out a home contents insurance policy. This often leads to many people declining home emergency cover as they see it as unnecessary but, it can actually be a very useful thing to have.

Quick Action

Home emergency cover will allow you to seek immediate help should a home emergency such as a boiler breakdown or a burst pipe occur. This can be a complete lifesaver as, so often many of us are stuck without heat or water for long periods of time due to lack of funds or lack of access to a trained professional. This alone makes home emergency cover well worth the money.

The Cost

Home emergency cover is generally pretty affordable. It will usually add only a few pounds extra to your monthly insurance payments but the benefits will far outweigh this cost. Some companies will even offer free home emergency cover form time to time, so it is well worth looking out for any deals.

Some home emergency cover policies will require that an excess is paid on all work carried out, but others do not. Which coverage is best for you will be dependant on your own circumstances, but there are lots of deals out there for everyone, it’ just a matter of looking for them.

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